What Others are Saying about Working with Kym

I met Kym Herrmann in May 2015. At the time, I weighed nearly 250 pounds. I wanted to make some lifestyle changes, but I needed some good information, and a healthy dose of encouragement. Kym provided both. Within two weeks of meeting Kym, I eliminated or significantly reduced certain foods from my diet. The biggest change was eliminating (well, almost) processed sugar from my diet. I also stopped drinking soda pop, even though I normally only drank diet soda. Kym taught me that the artificial sweetener in diet soda was tricking my body into thinking it was sugar, and then converting it to fat. I went from drinking 2-3 cans of diet Coke every day to zero pop overnight. I also significantly cut down on the amount of carbs I was eating, and started eating more lean protein and good fats.

I am now down to 215 pounds, and I feel much better and have more energy. I still have 25 more pounds to go to get to my goal weight of 190 pounds. I have dropped one pant size, and look forward to dropping one more before I reach my goal weight. In recent weeks my weight loss has plateaued, so Kym has encouraged me to exercise more, and follow a more strict eating regimen. I am now getting aerobic exercise at least three times per week, and am working on my new eating plan. I hope to be at my goal weight within six months.

I am very grateful for Kym’s assistance and encouragement. Losing weight is not easy, and for me, it has required some significant lifestyle changes. I still struggle with these changes at times, but Kym has been there to encourage me to keep going. I am greatly in her debt.
— Doug, Manager
I wanted to write and thank Kym Hermann for her educational and inspirational nutrition class. While I knew some information about eating well, Kym was able to teach me new reasons and new items to eat as part of a healthy diet. My husband and I have started making a concerted effort to buy local, organic vegetables, local meats, eat fermented foods and buy non-GMO foods. My husband, who is really a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, is now branching out and trying new foods. It’s exciting to eat better. We certainly feel better. Thanks, Kym, for your kind guidance and helpful tips.
— Melanie, School District Administrative Assistant
Kym was great! She helped me understand that the number of calories I ate was very important as well as my micronutrients. But, most of all, she taught me the types of food I should be eating and recommended delicious recipes. The grocery list she developed helped me find the right foods and completely changed the way I now eat.
With Kym’s coaching, I have found a new level of energy in the day and at the gym! Thanks, Kym, for teaching me about nutrition and being a terrific friend on this journey to great health.
— Jason, Athlete
Kym has been a godsend—so knowledgeable! From proper supplements to vital nutrient support, Kym knows her stuff. With her help, you can return your body to homeostasis, the state in which you were intended to live.
— Dolly, Stay at Home Mom