With Beautycounter, I've hit jackpot!  I love how my skin looks and feels and that the products I'm using are safe.  The Beautycounter mission is to educate consumers on the lack of safety standards in the beauty industry and to make safer products available to everyone. No dangerous chemicals, carcinogens, or hormone disrupting ingredients, AND having the Environmental Work Group seal of approval in addition to being effective has me so in love with Beautycounter products and the company.


I never knew how wonderful olive oil could taste until I tried Kasandrinos EVOO! This is a staple in my kitchen!  Use the code Nourish to receive 10% off of your order!!

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 I kid you not when I say that I am not a shopper!  Shopping for clothes is a stressful and overwhelming event for me.  For several years, Stitch Fix has taken the stress out of shopping for me! A personal stylist, great outfits delivered to your door, reasonable prices, and great quality.  What more could I ask for?  I no longer stress out about what to wear anymore.  My favorite way to shop!