Nutrition Services


Are you tired of being tired?  Sick of being sick?  Wishing that you could lose weight?  Want to learn how to eat food that is not only healthy but delicious?  

Have you been led to believe that once you hit your 40's that life and health was downhill?  

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, and feel like you have no time to even think about being healthier?

I can help you!!

I work privately with clients and offer online group programs. Private clients are by application only.  Apply here to work with me privately. We can meet in person or Skype.  

What does it look like when you have me as your private Nutrition Consultant?  You will an in-depth nutrition evaluation and a very personalized wellness program.  You will receive meal plans, shopping lists, supplement recommendations.  We will work together to heal your relationship with food, create a positive and empowering mindset, and create new lifestyle habits.  Together, we will look at healing your gut, balancing your hormones, loving your liver, and managing your weight.  Testing for food intolerance, leaky gut, micronutrient levels, and even how to eat for your specific DNA is available to you as my client too. 

My clients have seen success in:

  • Weight Management
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Gluten-Free Eating
  • Hormone Balance
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Athletic Nutrition
  • Gluten-Free Eating
  • Paleo & Vegetarian Meals
  • Raising Kids and Eating Whole Foods
  • Eating on a Budget

Not quite sure you want a private nutritionist?  I offer online group programs too.  Several times a year, I offer 21-Day Sugar Detox groups, and my own 3-month signature program.  These groups help you with diet, lifestyle, mindset, and all with a community for support and encouragement.  

If you'd like to know when my next online group program begins, sign-up here to join my mailing list.

I know that you are busy.  I know what it is like to work, take care of a family, keep the house in working order, fit in workouts, and still have a social life!  Who has time to meal plan? Well guess what?  You don't have to do this anymore!  I can do it for you!  I offer bi-weekly monthly meal plans as an a la carte option for anyone.  With this service, you get the meal plan, the recipes, special notes, a guide, and best of all, that shopping list we all avoid making.  Special diet?  Keto, vegetarian/vegan, paleo, leaky gut, or food allergies?  I will make this plan for you too.  Click here for more info.

Investing in your health will be a decision that you will not regret.  Contact me now and let's get started!


    Kym has been a godsend—so knowledgeable! From proper supplements to vital nutrient support, Kym knows her stuff. With her help, you can return your body to homeostasis, the state in which you were intended to live.
    — Dolly, Stay at Home Mom

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