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YES!  FINALLY!  Someone is talking about sex!  Oh wait, I am!  

I just gotta say it again.  SEX.  I don't think we discuss it in our friend circles enough.  Actually, it seems like I hear so many people complain or joke about their "meh" sex life, or lack of sex in their lives.  There seems to be a belief that sex HAS to go downhill once you've been married for a few years, had kids, or are getting older.  I totally disagree.  Okay, well there was a time where I would have agreed.  Both of us would have agreed.  But something changed.  Wanna know what changed? Read on.

Before I share what we did, I want to preface this with a few things.  First, it wasn't easy.  Second, it didn't happen overnight.  Relationships take work.  The work is worth it.

Okay, so here it goes.  Are you ready?  We changed our life.  Duh, right? 

We began eating real food that was minimally processed.  Not because we were trying to improve our sex life but because we were working towards better health.  We cut out sugar, stopped eating pasta and packaged food.  We gut out gluten and dairy.  Actually, it was after that when I found out that I had gluten antibodies AND a higher genetic probability of being (or is it having?) celiac.

Not only our diets changed, but our lifestyle did too.  We became more intentional about our cleaning products, food storage, and personal care products.  Gone were pretty smelling dryer sheets, fragrances for the house, chemical cleaners, and plastic containers.  Our deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and face products were all cleaned up.  This video opened my eyes in so many ways about the chemicals we were exposed to in our daily products. I never even thought about any of the products I was using before.

In a nutshell, we cleaned up how we ate, our lifestyle, and reduced our environmental toxin exposure.  We began moving too.  Like in physical activity.  Outdoor activity.  Running.  Walking.

We began realizing that these simple changes were very life changing.  We felt better, had more energy, were not as moody, I was less bloated.  He farted less.  That was the dairy. Our bodies began changing. Our spirits lifted.  As we felt better mentally and physically, we began to smile more.  At each other. As we smiled and felt better we began to feel some of that closeness again. Sparks began flying everywhere.  We laughed, held hands, kissed, joked, and couldn't wait to steal away.  It was (is) awesome.

Nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental toxins have an affect on our health.  We hear about this a lot.  What we don't hear about is how these factors have an affect on our relationships, which has an effect on our sex life with our partner.  I mean, let's think about it.  If I eat like crap all week, I feel like crap, if I expose myself to toxins, they add to the crappiness I feel.  If I feel like crap, I'm going to scowl at everyone.  If my husband wants to hold my hand, I'm gonna shake it off and scowl some more.  There would definitely not be any deep conversations, goofy play, or great sex going on that night!

Now knowing that by making a few changes in life could make things, um, like...wow...what do you want to do with it?  I'm so glad that we did.  28 years married, 3 kids, and in our 50's...just sayin.