As a Nutritional Consultant, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, and an athlete, I’m passionate about all things nutrition and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. 


My enthusiasm for good health through great food led me to Bauman College where I received my education. I consider it a privilege and great joy to share my knowledge about nutrition with other people. 

I consider nutrition as just one piece of being healthy.  Mindset, lifestyle, and environment also play roles in our health.  As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I work with my clients in all of these areas so that they can be the best.

While I have always been interested in nutrition, my desire to learn about it took seed when one of my children was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young. The doctor suggested medication but also mentioned a diet called The Feingold Diet, which is an elimination diet that removes foods containing harmful additives. For several years, we followed the diet’s guidelines and took extra caution to read labels.

But, life happens and we became very busy. Going back to work full-time was a challenge and soon I found myself buying packaged foods for my family—sugary cereals, bagels, frozen pizza, and anything else that was quick and easy. Sound familiar? It’s called the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Eating the SAD brought some undesirable additions to our lives. But we didn’t realize this. We were sick. A lot. I began getting colds, nasty coughs, and even pneumonia on a regular basis. My husband began getting migraines. We were tired, cranky, and noticing weight and hormonal changes. I was struggling with depression and my thyroid (I have hypothyroidism) was acting up.

As an avid runner, I grew curious to know if improving my diet would enhance my running. I decided to make a few changes and participated in a paleo eating challenge. Honestly, I didn’t know how I was going to survive without my daily turkey sandwich.  However, about two weeks into the challenge, I noticed I could think clearer, I wasn’t cranky, I felt happier, and I was sleeping better.  Even the bloating and gas had disappeared. Excited, I began researching how food affects us and I realized that the way we were eating was causing so much harm to my family and it would only continue unless changes were made for everyone.

Fast forward to the present and now, as a Nutrition Professional, I firmly believe in the importance of eating whole foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and cultivating a positive attitude. I have experienced the benefits these changes offer and it’s my goal to help others realize these same benefits as they journey to wellness.

Every person is different; there isn’t one diet that is perfect for everyone. I will help and give you the tools to support your unique body.  Together, you and I, will map out a plan made just for you that will not only address food but also mindset and lifestyle.  Contact me and get started on your journey to being the best you!