Hi!  I'm Kym! I am a Nutrition Consultant, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, and an athlete;  I've raised three kids on a budget while feeding them healthy.  This makes me...a super hero, right?


Hey there!  Actually, I'm not a super hero.  I'm just like you.  I've had health issues, life stressors, nights with little sleep, and days that have me feeling like I need a Camel Pack filled with coffee.

My own personal journey to a healthier life began with my recovery and healing from a severe eating disorder. A seed sprouted in me that bloomed, leading me to guide others as they navigate their wellness journey.

Raising my family, living with a thyroid disorder,  and learning how to care for my body hasn't always been easy.  But it has brought me here and given me a deep appreciation for our uniqueness.

You aren't alone.  Perhaps you are at the spot I was in when I decided that I wanted a healthier life, physically and mentally.  Maybe you have had enough of dieting. Or you might just need some ideas and a little support. 

I believe that we all can find freedom from food bondage and our self-limiting beliefs. Using real food nutrition and mindset changes, I will help you to unlock your real potential by nourishing your body and mind, creating a healthier and energetic you.

Every person is different; there isn’t one diet that is perfect for everyone. I will help and give you the tools to support your unique body.  Together, you and I, will map out a plan made just for you that will not only address food but also mindset and lifestyle.  Contact me for a complimentary discovery session.