Eating Healthy Can Be Hard!


Eating healthy, losing weight, and getting in shape is hard!  I can’t do it!


Do you find yourself saying these words to yourself and your friends?  I bet you do.  I think we all do at times.

Eating healthy, losing weight, and getting in shape IS hard!  If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a struggle for so many people!  It takes MINDFULNESS, INTENTIONAL CHOICES, and WORK!



I’m alone in a room, left with a tray of vegetables and another one filled with beautifully decorated cupcakes….which do I choose?  My brain tells me that those vegetables should be my choice but my mouth is watering and taste
buds tingling as I stare at the cupcakes. Longingly,  I wonder if I just try and get a tiny bit of frosting that is hanging over the side…will it look like I wasn’t picking on them? 

Is this the dilemma you sometimes find yourself in?  I DO!

What can be done to help make ourselves stronger?

Let’s go back to our WHY.  I know that we are hearing a lot about why lately…why?  Because it’s important!!

What is your WHY?  Why do you want to eat healthy, lose weight, or get into shape?

Is your why because you want to look great in a bikini this summer?  If a potential client tells me this, I tell them that I’m not the nutritionist for them.  If the bikini is your goal, it’s very short term and most likely lead to yo-yo dieting with no real change.  Look back at my blog post on eating…this falls into level two.

Perhaps your why is because you woke up one day and were shocked at what you saw in the mirror.  Where did those 20 pounds come from?  How did this happen?

Maybe your last visit to the doctor wasn’t as positive as you thought.  How did that blood pressure get so high?  The liver enzymes are high too?  Autoimmune condition?

Or maybe you have a vision of what you want life to be like.  You realize that if you continue with your current lifestyle, you will have problems with your health later on.

Knowing your why gives you a reason to be strong and continue on when the going gets rough.  When faced with that tray of vegetables and cupcakes, reminding yourself of your why can help keep you from giving into temptation.

Knowing your why is what keeps you getting out there for a run, a bike ride, or the gym when you just don’t feel like it.

What is my why?  I want to live a long, healthy, and active life.  I’ve had family members who have lived long but were not healthy or active.  They were plagued with heart disease, obesity, and arthritis.  These issues put limits on their activity levels and quality of life.  I don’t want that.  I want to be out there backpacking, running, and traveling when I’m 90.

Is it hard for me at times?  Yes.  I get off track.  I have been battling the candy dish again.  After 2 years of avoiding it, somehow I answered it’s call.  So, I have to get back on track because I’m stronger than the candy dish!

Let’s recap:  Eating healthy, losing weight, and getting in shape is hard.  It’s important to know your why.  I’ll add to this by saying have your why be something that has deep meaning to you.